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We are not an English school. We are a Business school. We teach you how to use English to advance your career and improve your business.

Business English courses will teach you how to speak and write formally and professionally. Our course teaches you how to use English to convince people to hire you, partner you, invest in you and more. You will learn how to present in a way that reaches your goal. How to write advertising campaigns that maximise conversions. How to deal with difficult clients and negotiate better terms with clients, partners and investors - and much, much more.

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Learn how to sell, present, negotiate and report better. Understand how to use English to get what you need from a client or partner. Feel comfortable dealing with unhappy customers or writing advertising text for the UK market.


Learn how to write winning presentations and convincing pitches. Understand the psychology behind the words we use and how to use them to raise investment, partner with new companies, hire new staff and more.

Key Takeaways & Highlights

  • Work alongside real companies. We work with hotels, banks and retailers to build bespoke case studies and exercises for our students.
  • Stop sounding like a robot. Professional English does not work on it's own. If you're working with the English market you need to understand how to use emotive language.
  • Cross Industry Terminology Learn key phrases and hot words across finance, marketing, retail, fashion, technology and more.
  • Group Workshops We believe that sutdents learn through activities, not essays. All our modules are 80% workshops and 20% written assessment.
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Masterclass Access

Students of InnovateThis can attend one free masterclass a week and are given discounted rates on further masterclasses.