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  • Management and leadership
  • Marketing sales and CS
  • PersonAl skills and development
  • Product
  • Data
  • Finance

Agile Project Management

Initiating, planning, executing and achieving success. Uncover the key to truly powerful project management.

Start Negotiating Price like a Pro

If you don’t know how to play the competitive “game” of negotiation, you will never be successful no matter how win/win you try to be

Create Your Own Business Canvas

Build your own Lean Business Canvas and learn how to use this for growth, investment and partnerships.

Managing projects using collaborative platforms

Learn how to use project management tools and how to work out which one is for you.

Masters of Scale - Intro to Scale Culture

Growing too fast can kill even the best companies in a number of ways. Too many staff, to many clients or even too much money can cause all companies large and small to collapse. Learn the secrets of scaling fast and learn from case studies of how big companies did it right – and did it wrong!

From Question to Pitch

Discover the critical steps needed to create the perfect pitch, as well as the dos and don’ts of pitching before an audience.

Outsource vs. In-House

What tasks and projects are best for outsourcing and when is it better to do this in house.

Design Thinking

Discover what the design thinking method is and how it helps in research as well as in any field. Learn how you can identify and solve all difficult problems using this method?

Networking Tactics to Build Meaningful Relationships

Ask anyone and they will tell you – it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Networking is an questionable key to success yet many people go to networking events and exhibitions and come out with no leads and no contacts. In this workshop we’ll show who to network and with how to identify with them to create more , and effective social interactions.

Building a Brilliant Team

Learn how to expand your leadership and build an effective brilliant team. From advertising, to interviewing and employee growth management.

Connect Between Distributed & Non-Connected Teams

Many companies have teams that have never met. Amazingly, this isn’t just a problem for companies with offices around the world. We’ll teach you proven strategies that will help you successfully manage both geographically and field dispersed teams.

Is Your Company Structure The Right Fit?

… and if not, how can you change it with minimal impact.

Run Productive Meetings

How many times have you sat in a meeting that you knew would be pointless? Counting the minutes down thinking about everything you still had left to do before you went home for the day. This workshop will teach how to plan, run and close meetings so that they are more productive and valuable for your team.

OKRs: How to Measure Business Performance

Discover how tech giants such as Intel and Google use OKRs to achieve explosive growth and stay on track.

Competitive Analysis: Identify your Unique Advantage

Learn how to collect and review information about rival firms to make sure you are on the winning side

What it Takes to Become a Skilled Interviewer

Learn how to ask the right questions, evaluate candidates and make a wise judgment to match the right person for the job

A Simple Way to Make Difficult Decisions

Gain essential advice and practical wisdom for navigating the toughest problems you might face as a manager.

How to Hire the Right People

In this workshop, we’ll equip you with a methodical hiring process, based on insights from the bestseller ‘Who?”.

Leading Changes in Your Team

For so many reasons we have to change sometimes our team. learn how to do it right

What Really Drives your Customers?

What really drives customer behavior and what can you do about it?

How to Build Marketing Funnels

Learn why Marketing Funnels are essential to your business, discuss which type of Funnel is best for your business, and check great free tools for managing Funnels.

A Marketing Message that Works

In today’s world our audience has very little patience to hear what we have to say. For this reason, we have to be interesting and keep on elevating our audiences’ attention.

Google Ads & Secret Methods

Anything you need to know to start advertising on Google, from PPC to popular payment forms.

Improve Sales, marketing and Support processes with HubSpot (CRM)

Build your own Business model canvas.

Intro to PPC: Facebook & Instagram marketing

PPC (Pay-per-click) is an advertising model used to drive traffic to websites or services. Learn how does it work on Facebook and Instagram.

Customer Service: Retention & Churn

How to measure and track churn and retention as part of your customer success.

How to Provide Outstanding Service

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh share in his book “Delivering Happiness” a path to profits, passion and purpose and how is company get to over 1B$ in gross merchandise sales.

Setting the Right Price for Your product

The first step for selling a product is setting the price. Doing it right can make the company successful, but doing it wrong can make you lose the competition.

Achieve Explosive Customer Growth

Explore the tools and techniques of today’s revolutionised world of digital marketing, as described in ‘Traction’.

First Steps towards Creating an Engaging Community

Dive into the core components that every strong community must have, and identify ways to leverage social media to kickstart your growth both on and offline.

Gain Competitive Advantage using Growth Hacking

Learn the very tools that today’s growth hackers are using to scale their businesses with low-cost alternatives to traditional marketing.

Target Audience: Defining Personas

Personalization is all about tailoring a product to specific consumer needs. The more precise it is, the greater the chance consumers won’t accept living without it!

Presenting Your Ideas

Initiating, planning, executing and achieving success. Uncover the key to truly powerful project management.

Best Practices for Time Management

Discover tried-and-tested ways to manage your time, create efficiencies and separate the important from the irrelevant.

Google Ads & Conversions

Everything you need to know to start advertising on Google, from PPC to advertising psychology.

How to Influence Withot Authority

Influence people you don’t manage.

Client Acquisition with LinkedIn & Email

Popular tactics to reach the exact people and titles we want inside org’s, and how to write the best, succinct email to get them onboard.

Introduction to UX & UI Design

Learn the best practices, UI/UX concepts, and basic user research tools.

From Scratch to Feature

From Idea to research, and development of a new product - How product management work.

Lean Start-up: How to Build & Launch a New Product

Learn how to shorten product development cycles and discover if a proposed business model is viable based on the leading methodology of lean start-up.

How to Achieve Product-Market Fit

What product-market fit really means, how to validate that you’ve reached it, and what to do next to increase your likelihood that your new products succeed.

A/B Testing: Main Principles

A/B Testing (or: split testing) is comparing two different versions to see which one perform better. It is a great way to improve your product all the time.

How to Build Habit-Forming products

Understand the secrets behind the technology that keeps you coming back for more, as sketched out in ‘Hooked’.

Product Interviews

How to conduct an effective product interviews that will help you change and upgrade your product.

Data-Driven Decision Making

How to make smart decisions using data, what we should be aware of, and how to use it for communication.

Qualitative and Quantitative Data Collection Methods

How to collect important valuble data and how can we use it.

How To Use Google Analytics to Drive Business Insights

Using Google Analytics, learn how to measure and extract meaningful insights, report better and increase conversion.

Using data Every Day With Google Sheets

In this hands-on workshop, learn how to better clean, organise, optimise and analyse your data using Google Sheets.

Data Visualization

Learn how to translate data insights into compelling visual stories for other key audiences: customers, teams with different specialisms, senior stakeholders, journalists, investors, or the wider public.

An Essential Guide to Unit Economics for Startups

Improve your grasp of terms such as KPI, cohort and vanity metrics, and learn how to implement them for greater success.

Intro to Managerial Finance: Budget and P&L

Learn about financial reports and their components, how to read them quickly and build your own budget.

Fundraising for Startups

Learn about the different stages and options of startup fundraising