Business Model Development

An idea means very little without a business model. InnovateThis will help take your idea and test it against the market at inception stage. From consumer insights to competitive marking.

Launch Strategy

From strategy to implementation, we will support you in ensuring a successful launch. Our support incudes developer/manufacturer sourcing and negotiation, brand, product and package design as well as a robust marketing plan.

Mentoring & Masterclasses.

Expert mentors, interactive workshops and masterclasses take your business each step of the way until founder exit.

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Innovate This

Founders not Consultants.

All of our mentors are founders and run their own business when not mentoring you. Learn from experienced founders who have failed before they succeeded to fully understand and appreciate what it takes to start, manage, grow and exit your business.

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Innovate This

Workshops not Essays. 

Our masterclasses have a hands-on approach where you will be invited to participate in interactive workshops. Each workshop / masterclass is designed to introduce a new methodology or skill to help your business grow

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